The team of Inside the Hip consists of three highly specialized hip surgeons: Doctors Alexis Nogier, Idriss Tourabaly, and Cyril Courtin. Patients can be treated in Paris, Saint-Colombes, or in the south of Lyon to benefit from collaborative consultations and tailored care for each situation.


The team Inside the Hip, composed of Dr. Alexis Nogier, Dr. Idriss Tourabaly, and Dr. Cyril Courtin, is a group of three highly specialized hip surgeons.

Their expertise is recognized in various areas including sports hip management, hip arthroscopy, custom hip prosthesis implantation via anterior approach, and complex hip prosthesis revisions.

The team develops and shares an ambitious medical project dedicated to patients with hip joint pathologies.

Difficult cases are collectively discussed, providing a thorough analysis of the situation and an objective evaluation of various medical or surgical solutions.

The team conducts clinical research, contributes to innovation, and publishes scientific papers with a focus on sharing knowledge for the benefit of patients.

Revision surgery is a key focus of the surgical expertise development for the Inside the Hip team, driven by the belief that one should never give up on restoring a stable, mobile, and pain-free hip. Every month, the Inside the Hip team dedicates a full Saturday to organizing collaborative consultations specifically for challenging prosthetic hips.

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The Inside the Hip team places the patient at the center of all decision-making processes. To ensure the relevance and strength of the proposed solutions, the highly specialized hip surgeons exchange information on each situation during collaborative consultations. Thus, the patient is assured that all specificities of their condition and pathology are taken into account in the response provided to them.

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