Dr. Idriss Tourabaly has been practicing highly specialized hip surgery exclusively in Paris since 2012.

He completed his entire medical curriculum at Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital. He passed the competitive internship exam (ECN in 2006) and was appointed as an Intern at the Hospitals of Paris and later as a Clinical Assistant at Lariboisière Hospital. He has developed a sharp expertise in hip surgery with a focus on hip pathologies in young individuals.

In 2015, he established his practice at Clinique Nollet (Paris 17th) and Clinique Maussins (Paris 19th) to further develop highly specialized hip surgery as a part of the Inside the Hip team.

Dr Idriss Tourabaly: Hip replacement surgeon | Inside the Hip | Paris
Le mot du chirurgien : Dr Idriss Tourabaly | Inside the hip

The word of the surgeon

“The landscape of hip surgery has undergone profound changes in recent years. Our patients are younger, and even the older ones have significant sporting demands. A better understanding of hip pathologies in young individuals, hip arthroscopy, custom hip prostheses, and modern hip revision techniques have transformed our surgical practices.

I believe that our role is to put the patient at the center of their care and address their needs. A hip in pain is a hindrance to overall well-being, whether it’s in one’s personal life, profession, or sports activities. My ambition is to provide personalized solutions so that everyone can once again enjoy life with confidence in their hip and their abilities.”

Dr. Idriss Tourabaly’s expertise revolves around four main areas:

  • Treating hip pathologies in athletes using hip arthroscopy. He learned this modern minimally invasive technique through his collaboration with Dr. Thierry Boyer and Alexis Nogier.
  • Anterior hip surgery. This technique, developed in Paris, provides access to the hip without any muscular trauma. It is an anatomy-friendly approach.
  • Customized 3D-planned total hip replacement. This tool allows adaptation to all hip shapes, whether it’s for young patients, athletes, or older individuals.
  • Managing problematic prosthetic hips. This collaborative consultation program, in conjunction with Drs. Nogier, Debiesse, and Courtin, allows us to receive patients with imperfect results from their hip prostheses.


Professional Societies

  • Member of the College of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery.
  • Member of the French Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery.
  • Member of the French Society of Arthroscopy.

Degrees and Qualifications

  • DESC in Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery.
  • Silver Medal: Doctorate in Medicine Thesis.
  • Master 2: Methods in Therapeutic Evaluation (Prof. Ravaud).
  • DES in General Surgery.
  • DIU in Surgical Pathologies of the Knee (Prof. Hernigou).
  • DU in Hip Pathology (Prof. Courpied).
  • DU in Microsurgery (Prof. Masquelet).
  • DU in Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System (Prof. Gagey).
  • MSBM in Medical Informatics and Communication Technology.
  • MSBM in Immunology.


  • Former Contractual Hospital Practitioner (Lariboisière Hospital).
  • Former Chief Resident – Assistant at Paris Hospitals (Lariboisière Hospital).
  • Former intern in surgery at Paris hospitals.
  • Former extern in medicine (Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital).

Scientifics publications


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