Inside the hip

Inside the Hip brings together a team of three highly specialized hip surgeons united by the same passion.

The ambition of Inside the Hip is to offer unique expertise on the hip, with a strong commitment to adapting to the needs of its patients, whether they are high-level athletes, amateur sportspeople, or older individuals.

Choosing to specialize in the hip joint guarantees access to the latest scientific advancements, leadership in therapeutic innovation, and the availability of all technological means with one goal: to continuously seek to improve the functional outcome for our patients.

Sport, hip arthroscopy, 3D planning, custom total hip prostheses, anterior approach surgery and anatomical preservation, simple and complex hip prosthesis revisions, collegial advisory consultations for problematic prosthetic hips (so-called “unhappy” hip replacement), research, and innovation are all part of the daily work of the Inside the Hip team.

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Our values

The Inside the Hip team was built around a common philosophy: a passion for hip surgery. We naturally share core values that define our medical and surgical identity. Offering the most appropriate technique is an obvious choice for our team, based on personalization at each stage of care. Adapting to our patients’ needs requires a scientific approach and the willingness to evaluate our own results. Listening to our patients and improving our clinical practices is the only way to achieve the highest level of performance. Choosing the best treatment cannot be compatible with any subordination to industries and laboratories. We declare no conflicts of interest. Finally, we are not alone and isolated but work with a spirit of teamwork and mutual trust, essential for sharing our victories, doubts, or any complex or complicated situation. These values are the DNA of our team.


In our opinion, the choice to hyper-specialize in hip surgery is the only way to consistently stay at the forefront of the latest technologies without being blinded by innovation at the expense of functional outcomes. Knowing the medical-surgical teams at the European and international levels, specializing in hip surgery, and evaluating the results of scientific publications are assets of our team.


Passionate about innovation, research, and sharing knowledge, Dr. Alexis Nogier naturally turned to young talents to build a team that is now rich in maturity and experience.

Dr. Idriss Tourabaly was the first to join Inside the Hip in 2015 in Paris, followed by the arrival of Dr. Cyril Courtin in 2019 at the Trénel site.

Dr Alexis Nogier

With over 15 years of experience, Dr Alexis Nogier is a highly specialized surgeon in hip procedures, with a particular focus on hip surgery for athletes.

Dr Idriss Tourabaly

Member of the Inside the Hip team since 2015, Dr. Idriss Tourabaly specializes in hip pathologies in young patients.

Dr Cyril Courtin

Dr. Cyril Courtin joins the Inside the Hip team with expertise in prosthetic hip surgery, prosthesis revisions, arthroscopies, and conservative surgery.