3D Scanning

The anatomy of the hip is complex and varies greatly from person to person. Within the Inside the Hip team, we believe that every prosthetic implantation should be preceded by three-dimensional imaging, as traditional radiography does not allow for a rigorous anatomical evaluation.

The protocol

The 3D assessment is based on a specific CT scan protocol that is carried out after the first consultation, in an authorized center. A prompt appointment is offered, and then the CT scan images are directly transmitted to the surgeon via a secure platform. A CT scan conducted outside the protocol of our team and/or outside our reference centers is not suitable for planning the prosthetic implantation.

The CT Scan Assessment

This CT scan assessment confirms the diagnosis of coxopathy and measures the dimensions of the hip in three spatial planes. The anatomical measurements then allow for the planning of the design and placement of a custom prosthesis.

This is done in collaboration with our team and the Custom department of Symbios, located in Yverdon, Switzerland. We control various aspects: the diameter of the acetabular cup, its inclination and anteversion, the position of the center of the prosthetic hip, as well as the intraosseous design of the femoral stem and the dimensions of its neck (offset and anteversion). This meticulous planning and fine tuning of the prosthesis is supported by the experience of several thousand implantations carried out by the Inside the Hip team.