The Inside The Hip team has been built around a passion for hip surgery.

We naturally share core values that define our philosophy. A scientific approach that requires humility and listening to the patient, the pursuit of excellence, complete independence from pharmaceutical companies, and the essential teamwork required to improve our practices.


Performance is an essential value of our team, closely tied to our hyper-specialized approach. Our patients sometimes come from afar and may have specific demands, especially when they are high-level athletes or have complex medical histories. In such cases, we deploy all means to ensure that surgery is a success: minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, 3D analysis, custom implants, innovative materials in prosthetic reconstruction, etc. Our approach naturally integrates clinical research and international scientific publications as tools for evaluation and sharing of knowledge.


Our experience shows that patients can be very different from one another: a young high-level athlete may have different questions and expectations compared to an elderly individual who has undergone multiple hip surgeries. Furthermore, patients’ expectations are generally increasing as the world progresses. In this context, our criteria for satisfaction are continually evolving to adapt to our patients’ demands. The objective of hip surgery is determined in collaboration with the patient, following a rigorous diagnostic process in which the patient is fully involved, with complete transparency.


We are independent, private-practice surgeons who make our own therapeutic choices. However, we work with a spirit of teamwork and mutual trust that allows us to share our successes, doubts, or any complex situations we encounter. In practice, we share a common scientific database, exchange feedback from our experiences, and participate in collaborative advisory consultations for patients with unhappy hip replacement. Each complication is also the subject of a team debrief within our group. Finally, in the most complex cases, we offer team-based interventions to our patients.


Hip surgery is a complex and rapidly evolving specialty. A successful patient outcome requires rigorous scientific methodology, as well as an approach tailored to the patient’s needs. Self-assessment of our own results is part of our team’s culture because it is the most effective way to improve the quality of care. At every stage of patient care, humility is considered an essential value to guide the care journey and challenge our certainties. Before, during, and after surgery, it is crucial to remain humbly aware of our limitations.


Choosing the best treatment requires complete freedom on the part of the surgeon, who must be entirely devoted to the patient’s well-being. While we collaborate on development projects with our industry partners, we ensure that we have no subordinate relationships or conflicts of interest with them. This independence allows us to propose custom prostheses solely in the best interest of our patients, without royalties or hidden compensation. Similarly, our referring physicians appreciate our independence during consultations, knowing that we will only recommend surgery when it is truly necessary.