Discover our team of hyperspecialized surgeons in hip pathologies and their treatments in Paris and Lyon. Doctors Alexis Nogier, Idriss Tourabaly and Cyril Courtin are at your disposal to relieve your pains and to provide you with the best solutions.

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The importance ofconsultation

It is essential to be able to meet your surgeons so that they can identify the causes of your pain. Doctors Nogier, Tourabaly and Courtin meet with you to discuss the problems related to your hips and think together about the best solutions.
From the first consultation to the last, the patient is at the center of the discussions and treatments: the decisions are made together with the patient.

Collegiate consultation: Support with Inside the Hip | Paris


The strength of our practice lies in the brainstorming between colleagues to verify the soundness of the diagnosis and the proposed treatment.


The 3D scanner has a central place in our daily practice. It allows us to study in detail the consequences of the various hip pathologies and the solutions we can provide.
This technology accompanies us on a daily basis to allow us to propose the best treatment, to validate the approach preoperatively and to verify the results postoperatively

Discover the 3D SCANNER
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Sports expertise high-level

Can hip replacement and high-level sports be reconciled? Yes, and our surgeons are particularly competent to take care of different hip pathologies and to allow you to resume a collective or individual physical activity. They will accompany you in your sports projects so that you can continue to enjoy these activities as much as before the operation.

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This website will also allow you to discover the values that drive us: independence and team spirit, humility and the quest for performance.

video testimonials

A picture is worth a thousand words: discover the videos of our patients’ testimonies, their stories and their journey with the Inside the Hip team.


The various hip pathologies and the associated interventions can raise various questions. Here you will find answers to any questions that you may already have.